Revolution Prep Online Tutoring

Beckman PTO is partnering with Revolution Prep Online Tutoring Service offering flexibility of time and customized programs for tutoring help. 


Revolution Prep is a nationwide leader in academic and test preparation tutoring. Increasing your child’s SAT or ACT score is among the most effective ways to strengthen his or her college application and scholarship options in a relatively short amount of time. Revolution instructors score in the 99th percentile on the SAT and ACT exams, and on the website you can see the quality of instructors in the area before you enroll. Revolution Prep also offers private tutoring for the SAT, ACT and Academic Subjects featuring expert tutors who guide you one-on-one through a program customized especially for your student’s learning needs, goals and personality.


Revolution’s programs range from after-school homework help ($99/ month) and weekly executive functioning classes ($99/month) to tutoring and courses to help with test preparation in a variety of subjects (pricing varies). Revolution Prep has a program available to match your budget. Please go to for more information or contact our Revolution Prep Advisor, Sabrina Doyle for any assistance. Email: Direct Line: 949-382-1445


In addition, 12% rebate will go back to Beckman PTO supporting ongoing resources, programs and new projects for students, Beckman staff, teachers and families. An easy way to support Beckman PTO.