Incoming 9th Grade Information

Dear incoming 9th Grade Parents,


Welcome to the Patriot Family! If you are first time parents to Beckman, we hope you will find the following information helpful in transitioning to high school. 


2019-2020 Registration Week:


Tuesday, July 30              Seniors (12th grade)                9am-1pm
Wednesday, July 31        Juniors (11th grade)                 9am-1pm
Thursday, August 1         Freshmen (9th grade)              9am-1pm
Friday, August 2              Sophmores (10th grade)          9am-1pm

Freshman Orientation:

Friday, August 2              Session I (Last Name: A-K)      8:30am-12:30pm
                                          Session II (Last Name: L-Z)     10:30am-2:30pm

Make-Up Registration:

Monday, August 5            9am-1pm

In order to be well prepared for the 2019-2020 school year, we rely on our wonderful parent volunteers. During Registration Week, we recruit close to 180 parent volunteers.  If you have helped in the past we would love to have you come and help out again. If you are new to Beckman, we welcome you to get involved at the high school level.  We are recruiting parent volunteers only.


Incentives:  If you volunteer for one “complete” shift on any one of the dates above, your own student(s) will receive a “front of the line” pass for their respective registration day. If you wish to accompany your student(s) during the registration process, please sign up for a different shift to volunteer. We are counting on your support to make the registration process run as smoothly as possible. Please use this link:  to sign up.  A reminder email will be sent out prior to registration week.  Should you have any questions regarding registration volunteering, please contact Kate Kersten at


If you are interested in any other volunteer opportunities, please contact our Co-Volunteer Coordinators - Sandy Huebner-Chan and May Moraly at or simply fill out our online Volunteer Form


Thank you in advance for your support at Beckman High School. 


Katie Weissberg & Jane Wong

BHS PTO Co-Presidents