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Beckman High School Education Fund

"Support for today, Success for Tomorrow"

The mission of the Beckman High School Education Fund (Ed Fund) is to provide funding for the extra level of educational support and programs not covered by ongoing operations or existing sources. Guest speakers, lab equipment, library books, and support materials are just some of the many areas that Ed Fund has supported. Community involvement, corporate partnerships, and your support are vital links in providing the resources essential to implement and sustain these necessary programs.

The Beckman High School Education Fund is overseen by a board of parent volunteers who work closely with the staff and administration. 


From popular programs to equipment needs, every effort is made to put dollars donated directly to work for our students.  Highlights of some of the funded projects and programs include:

  • Speakers for academic and college planning

  • Naviance program used by all students for college planning

  • Lab equipment

  • AP preparation materials

  • STEM materials

  • Hands-on field trips

  • Video Production materials

  • Library books and furniture

Grant application forms are available from the Ed Fund and are reviewed with Beckman’s administration on a monthly basis.


Your help is needed and greatly appreciated!  Your donation to the Ed Fund will help provide important items and supplement financial gaps caused by reduced academic funding.  You can be a part of the Ed Fund and help make a difference for all Beckman students!  Please consider making a financial contribution, volunteer your expertise, participate in fundraising activities, or help by just spreading the word about all that the Ed Fund offers our students.


For more information or involvement opportunities, contact the school office at (714) 734-2900 or email the Ed Fund at bhsedfund@gmail.com.


Excellence in Education Fund 
The Beckman Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Gifts of any amount are always welcome!  Thank you for your continued support and generosity!